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3 Tips For Incorporating Movement In Your Family's Busy Schedule

3 Tips For Incorporating Movement In Your Family's Busy Schedule

3 Tips For Incorporating Movement Into Your Family’s Busy Schedule

Do you ever step back and wonder at how many hours each week you spend being the mom-taxi? I know I sure do. Don’t get me wrong—I’m my kid’s biggest fan, and I absolutely love watching him practice karate and soccer, and supporting him in all his endeavors. But the reality is, there are only so many hours in a day.

When you’re living the busy mom life, you’ve gotta get creative about incorporating movement into your family’s busy schedule. Personally, I’m a big fan of multi-tasking when it comes to working out—over the years, I’ve figured out a variety of relatively simple ways to keep moving even when my family’s schedule is absolutely insane.

If juggling mom stuff, work stuff, and health stuff is a struggle that sounds familiar to you, you’re in luck! Here are my three tips for incorporating movement into your family’s busy schedule . . . WITHOUT creating any extra fuss or stress.


1. Move When Your Kids Move.

Are your kids involved in sports or extracurriculars? If soccer practice, ballet lessons, or track meets are a regular feature in your family’s schedule, use that time! Instead of sitting on the sidelines and watching your kid’s every move, try walking laps around the field, jogging up and down bleacher steps, or doing some simple stretching wherever you can grab a seat. You might feel silly the first few times you try this, but the benefit of being able to support your kid AND squeeze in a workout all at once will far outway any initial awkwardness. Plus, you might even start a movement habit with the other parents!


2. Use Quality Time as Exercise Time.

How do you usually spend time with your kids? Your quality time can easily double as exercise time for the whole family! Instead of watching a movie, take your kids for a weekend hike, play backyard kickball, or knock a volleyball around for awhile. Remember—it’s not necessary to be super athletic or skilled here. These activities are just to have fun and move your body! When you teach your kids to associate physical activity with fun, you’re setting them up with a lifelong healthy habit.


3. Get Moving During Your Me Time.

Drop the guilt and say this with me—you don’t have to spend EVERY moment with your children. In fact, it’s SUPER important to take me-time wherever you can find it. If you’re super pressed for time, you can always use your me-time hours to take a long nature walk, attend a yoga class, or play tennis with a friend. Personally, I love waking up early for a solid workout that doubles as an opportunity to clear my brain and recharge!


That wraps up my tips for the week! Let me know if you feel like these are practices you can incorporate into your life in the comments. Do you have any of your own tips for finding workout time in the midst of busy family life? Feel free to share those tips, too!

If you’re looking for more tips on seamlessly incorporating healthy choices in your every day life, join me over in my free Facebook Group. Never Diet Again! I show up there daily to provide tips, tricks, and insights on juggling health with family and professional life.

Until next week, what I wish for you is that you live a life you love without being hungry, feeling deprived, or giving up your glass of wine with dinner. Cheers!

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