Finding Workout Inspiration in Your Environment

Finding Workout Inspiration in Your Environment

Hello from Boston! As of the date this article is being released, the 2019 Boston Marathon just wrapped up yesterday. If you’re not a Boston local or a runner, you might not see why that matters, but if you’re either of those things, then you know what a huugge deal the marathon is to the city of Boston and the running community alike.


Everyone in town has spent the last several weeks gearing up for the big race in one way or another, which has of course had a big influence on my mindset recently. As someone who’s had two hip replacements and a knee replacement, running the marathon is pretty much unfathomable to me, but that doesn’t mean I can’t find inspiration in the marathon activities! And that’s exactly what I wanted to talk to you about today—finding everyday inspiration in your environment.


Let me elaborate. As mentioned, Boston has been marathon crazy for awhile now. Folks who are training usually start doing their long runs in February. As everyone is starting to get sick of their New Year’s Resolutions and relax a little, I see marathon hopefuls out doing 20 mile runs. Now, as I said—that’s not really in the cards for me. However, I still love being surrounded by their energy because it reminds me that I CAN push myself to do just a little more than what I did yesterday, last week, and so on.


So what I’ve decided to do is enroll in a weekly spin class. Why spin class? No reason in particular, except that I’ve been talking about it for years. Why now? Again—no particular reason. It’s just that I’ve realized there’s really nothing stopping me, aside from maybe a little apprehension about whether those aforementioned injuries could make it hard for me to keep up. So far, I’m two classes in and loving it! Trying a new workout is fun for me, and I feel great about pushing myself to work just a little harder than I have in recent weeks.


So where can you find inspiration? Your town doesn’t have to host a national-acclaimed running event in order for you to experience the same buzz I’m experiencing! Look around you and ask yourself, what do you see that makes you want to do more?


Maybe watching your kids play soccer, ice hockey, or baseball reminds you of how much you used to love playing. Could you use that as motivation to do calf raises, high knees, squats, or lunges by the field, or walk laps around the rink while they practice? If you’re really feeling ambitious, you could even look into joining a hobby community team for adults!


So what do you say? What inspires you?

I’d love to hear more about whatever is fueling your fire this week and how that’s impacting your workout routine—be sure to leave me a note in the comments section below!


I also want to invite you to download my free guide, Eat, Drink, & Be Healthy. If you’re just getting started in your healthy living journey (or if you could use a refresher!), this guide helps you establish a super solid foundation. I’d also encourage you to check out my tips on Setting SMART fitness and nutrition goals. :)


Until next week, what I hope for you is that you live a life you love without being hungry, feeling deprived, or giving up your glass of wine with dinner. Cheers!




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