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Bored With Working Out at Home? Let's Roam!

Bored With Working Out at Home? Let's Roam!

Bored With Working Out at Home? Let’s Roam!

How You Can Get Some Socially Distant Variety in Your Workouts

When it comes to establishing a new fitness habit, your success hinges on your ability to set a plan and stick to it. Building new healthy habits can be challenging, so I like to tell my clients to break their to-dos down into four steps:

  1. Establish where you are.

  2. Set some short-term and long-term goals.

  3. Plan for variety in your routines.

  4. Make it a habit.


Those last two steps are really crucial. Keeping up variety in your fitness routine is vital when you’re just getting started because variety is what keeps you engaged and interested long enough to turn your new routine into a habit.


So as you can imagine, 2020 hasn’t been the easiest year for building strong fitness habits.


While it’s totally possible to get a great workout without ever leaving your house, I won’t pretend that the pandemic hasn’t made incorporating variety a bit of a challenge for my family and my clients. 


We started with lots of strong ideas—Zoom fitness classes, backyard yoga, and Youtube workout routines, oh my! But if you, like me, are several months into being cautious about your activities, you’re probably getting a little burnt out on all of those things. And when we get burnt out, it becomes realllllyyyy tempting to just skip the MOVE piece of our Eat-Move-Recharge Triangle altogether.


So how can you add some variety to your workout without risking your health during the pandemic?


Recently, I’ve made it my mission to make working out a little more interesting. In my search for interesting-but-socially-distant movement options, I encountered a really fantastic company called Let’s Roam. My family participated in one of their challenges recently, and we had so much fun, I couldn’t help but pass this tip along to you!


What is Let’s Roam?


Let’s Roam is an experience-based organization that offers scavenger hunts in cities all over the world. With options geared towards families, couples, colleagues, friends, and even individuals, their adventures provide a fantastic opportunity to get your step-count up while learning fun facts about whatever city you’re in. 


The premise is pretty simple: You just select your city and choose the scavenger hunt that sounds most interesting to you. Each hunt option comes with a little bit of insight about what you can expect—what area of the city you’ll be exploring, about how far you can expect to walk, how long your adventure should take, and what kind of trivia/challenges you’ll face. 


You can buy tickets up to a year in advance and complete the challenges on your own schedule—no need for making a reservation, and no need to interact with groups of people!


My family did a scavenger hunt in Cambridge, MA, and we had a great time! We took our masks with us for times when we encountered other folks, enjoyed lots of time away from others, and I hit my 10,000 step goal in no time.


To find out whether Let’s Roam operates in your city or a city near you, you can check out their website here.


How Have You Been Moving Your Body?


I hope this little tip helps you incorporate some variety into your movement routines this week! In the spirit of promoting variety, I’d love to know: How are you staying active right now? Let me know in the comments!


To swap healthy living strategies, get support, and connect with other women who are prioritizing life-long health, hop over to my free Facebook group, Never Diet Again! This is a judgement-free zone for women just like you who are tired of sitting on the sidelines and watching their life go by. For women who are tired of feeling like their food is a full-time job, who want to get off the diet hamster wheel and enjoy their lives - and food - again. It’s not for women who want to be runway models, it’s for women who want to be role models. Come join us and say hi - I’d love to get to know you better and learn more about where you are in your healthy journey.


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