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Stressed Out? Time to Refocus on Your Triangle of Health.

Stressed Out? Time to Refocus on Your Triangle of Health.

Stressed Out? Time to Refocus on Your Triangle of Health.

There’s a better way to take care of yourself.

Raise your hand if you’re feeling a little bit extra stressed these days! Yeah, I think that’s pretty much all of us—and far be it from me to try and convince you that you don’t have every right to feel that way. 

Even setting aside the obvious anxiety of trying to avoid catching COVID-19, our social isolation is its own significant stressor. We’re separated from our tribes. We’re suddenly responsible for our childrens’ education. We’re trying to work from home, keep up reasonably healthy meals, provide enriching activities for our families, remain patient and loving to our partners . . . It’s a lot. Even for women like us who are used to balancing crazy life schedules, these are particularly anxiety-inducing times.

While our stress may be totally well-founded, it’s still a problem. Stress, more than almost anything else in life, takes a huge toll on our bodies and our mental health. It wrecks our immune system, can cause us to gain weight, makes us feel crabby and tired, and can promote poor decision-making. 

So—while I’m in no way suggesting that you have no reason to be stressed out—it’s to all of our benefit if we can learn how to acknowledge that stress, manage it, and let it go (as much as possible anyway).

Your Triangle of Health

I teach my clients about the importance of your “Triangle of Health.” The three legs of the triangle are Eating, Moving, and Recharging. Why a triangle? It’s a super strong shape, but it’s only as strong as its weakest leg.  You have to keep focus on all three aspects in order to be truly healthy. Eating intentionally, moving frequently, and leaving yourself space to recharge are some of the biggest, most crucial things you can do to encourage good health in your life.

If you’ve gotten away from any one of those three corners of your triangle of health, now is an excellent time to refocus on them. In times like these, making healthy choices isn’t about fitting into your skinny jeans or watching the number on the scale drop (though those things are nice too, sometimes)—it’s about boosting your immunity, sharpening your mental resilience, minimizing your stress levels, and staying engaged with your life even in the midst of something as hair-raising as a pandemic.

Stress Management Strategies Tailored for Busy, Professional Women

As a high-vibe, successful woman, you probably already have a few stress management strategies up your sleeve . . . But how are those working for you at the moment?

If you could use some encouragement (or even just some community with other stressed out women who might be having a hard time adjusting to our temporary new normal), I invite you to join me in my free Facebook community, Never Diet Again. We’re kicking off a four-day mini-class (10 minutes a day) TODAY, and if you’re like most of the women I’m connected with, you could probably use a little bit of a breather! It’s all about Simple Ways to Reduce Stress.

Just hop over to Never Diet Again and request to join. There, I’ll post more information about what the challenge entails and how you can strengthen your Triangle of Health and minimize your stress over the next few days. See you there!


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