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Movement During Mud Season

Movement During Mud Season

April showers might bring May flowers, but they also bring MUD. Living in the northeast, I affectionately refer to this time of year as mud season because (you guessed it) as much as the warming temperatures have us wanting to be outside, muddy conditions often create problems for folks who want to get out for a walk, a run, yoga in the park, or some other outdoor workout. So how can you be sure to get a great workout this spring—even with all the mud, and even if your usual gym or workout class is still closed due to COVID-19?

It all starts with that space between your ears—yep, I’m talking about your mindset! 

The truth is, I could give you tips on movement all day long, but unless you want to get up and get moving, nothing I say is really going to matter that much. So ask yourself: WHY is it important for you to be active, even when things are less than ideal outside? 

For me, it’s important to get up and workout every single morning because a) it makes me a much happier, more pleasant person and b) I want to take care of my body so I can show up fully for my family.

Your reason might be similar to mine . . . Or it might be something totally different! Your “why” can be anything, but choose something that matters to you, and think of that when you need a little mindset/motivation boost.

Think About What You Have at Home

I’m particularly lucky in that over the last 15 years, I’ve put together a pretty amazing home gym setup. You don’t have to have a complex setup to be able to workout at home though! Especially right now, you can find a TON of online workout classes—in fact, your local studio is probably offering some sort of online options. From yoga, to aerobics, to kickboxing, you might be amazed at what kind of support you can find online if you take a few minutes to look for it.

If online classes don’t seem like your thing and you don’t have home gym equipment, there are still plenty of options for you. Look at ordering some hand weights, a kettle bell, or a resistance band to help you with strength exercises. Run up and down your own stairs. When all else fails, look up some workout routines that rely on good old fashioned floor exercises like burpees, push-ups, sit-ups, jumping jacks —literally all you need for those is enough floor space to move your body!

Set an Appointment With Yourself . . . And Maybe a Friend, Too

If committing to workout every day is a struggle for you, the best advice I can give is to set an appointment with yourself. Put it on your calendar, exactly the way you would treat a regular appointment, and treat yourself like your most important client—because you are. 

For some extra accountability, make a plan with a friend to stay accountable to each other. Maybe you can’t physically get together for a walk right now, but you can text each other to check in and remind one another to prioritize your workout. Get creative and figure out how to connect if that’s what you need!

Need Some Extra Support?

I’m actually offering not one but TWO amazing ways to prioritize your health right now. First, the doors to my signature program Reclaim Your Life, One Bite at a Time® are open for a couple more days! Reclaim Your Life is the simple, strategic, 8-week program to help female entrepreneurs and business women regain control over their health. 

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