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Moving Under Quarantine

Moving Under Quarantine

Moving Under Quarantine

How You Can Maintain Good Physical & Mental Health During the Covid-19 Pandemic

The other day, I was reading some recent updates about COVID-19 recommendations (as most of us are doing far too often right now) and saw something that was at once shocking and totally predictable: The most recent recommendations were updated to encourage everyone to get out and get fresh air as much as possible.

I wasn’t surprised by the recommendation. On the contrary, I was surprised that it was a recently added recommendation. Were there prior recommendations to remain indoors this whole time??

While social distancing is still an imperative right now, getting outside and moving our bodies as frequently as we can is something we should always strive for, pandemic or not. 

Especially with the spike in stress we’ve all experienced lately, moving our bodies is perhaps more important than ever. Staying physically active and responsibly enjoying outdoor spaces are great ways to boost your physical health, curb your cortisol levels, quell your anxiety, and feel a little more “normal” during these trying times. 

This might look different for you depending on where you live and your preferences. Hopefully you have access to a park, greenspace, or yard where you can move freely while social distancing, but if that’s not possible, you may need to wear a mask while you enjoy your time outdoors. Maybe it would be great for you to go for a long run to work up a sweat, or maybe you’d benefit more from some light stretching and deep breathing in the afternoon sun. The most important thing here is that you’re staying in tune with your body, addressing your needs, and doing so in a safe, socially distant manner.

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