What to Do When You're Craving a Treat

What to Do When You're Craving a Treat


Here we are, already halfway through March and looking forward to spring.

I don’t know about you, but from where I stand up here in chilly New England, March 20 (the first day of spring!) can’t come soon enough. Who’s ready for sunny days and fresh produce? I sure am.

Of course, along with spring comes spring break, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Cinco de Mayo, and a ton of other reasons to celebrate! While this is a fun time of year for many of us, it also offers us many temptations.  


I know, I know—you just navigated Valentine's Day treats, and here comes another set of temptations?

The truth is, every single season brings its own challenges and cravings. If your kids are going to be home during spring break, you might want to take them out for ice cream. If you’re lucky enough to be headed on a tropical spring vacation, the umbrella drinks will surely be calling your name. And whether you celebrate Easter or not, you’ve inevitably noticed that those Valentine’s candies have already been replaced by Peeps, Cadbury eggs and chocolate bunnies. Spring is FULL of challenges.

So I thought today would be a good chance to talk about how to handle cravings when the temptations are everywhere and you’re itching for a sweet treat. How do we deal?  

Like we talked about last week, sometimes the best answer is: go ahead and have the treat! Then, get right back on track. Remember—don't make it a whole splurge day, and don't beat yourself up about treating yourself. Just enjoy it.


If you decide to go for it and enjoy some spring treats, here are a few quick tips for indulging a little while staying on plan:

  1. Have your treat with a meal.

Make sure you have some protein, fat, and carbs when you enjoy your treat so it doesn't spike your blood sugar. In return, this will help prevent a blood sugar crash, which would cause you to crave more and more treats.


  1. Stay hydrated.

That’s it--just drink your water! Drinking water is such a simple thing that we often neglect. It can make a big difference, so hydrate!  


  1. Squeeze in some extra movement.

You can even make it part of the spring break fun! My family always loves a good game of beach volleyball, but even if that’s not your thing, you can take a walk, ride bikes, or go swimming. Movement keeps your digestion moving, your metabolism high, your bones strong, and all sorts of other good stuff.


That's it for my quick tips today. Whatever your plans are as we head into spring, have a lovely time, keep your nutrition in mind, and be kind to yourself! My hope for you is to live a life you love without being hungry, feeling deprived or giving up your glass of wine with dinner. Cheers,




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