Partners and Recommended Products

I’m going to share with you a little bit about me and why I partner with the companies listed below. My background is in technology and I’ve been in the high-tech industry for over 25 years.  Unfortunately, there are lots of ups and downs in tech, and I’ve been laid off more than once during that time.  I’ve also worked with companies that didn’t completely synchronize with my personal values.  I hated that feeling of being out of control over who I associated with, and whether or not I had any income.  Over the years, I’ve been introduced to many interesting companies.  The partners listed below are special.  They run their companies with integrity and quality – I’m proud to call them partners.  You can use these products with confidence. 

When I got introduced to Jeunesse, I fell in love with the products quickly and then I realized the opportunity that I had – to partner with a company that achieved over $1 Billion in yearly revenue in only 6 years, have control over my income, and not be dependent on a single sector.  And today, my life is completely different.  I will never be a slave to the corporate roller coaster again.  I share the message of good health and get paid handsomely to do it.