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21-Day Reset Coaching

2 sessions x 60 min, or 4 x 30 minutes


We'll have two customized, one-hour sessions (both are included in this price) or four, thirty-minute sessions.  In the first one, I will get to know you and what you need, we will work together to define your health goals, and break them down into manageable chunks.  Between fourteen and thirty days later, we will meet again and make any tweaks or changes needed so you can have your best year with your health yet!

During this time, we will dip our toes into my exclusive system - Eat, Move & RechargeTM   and if appropriate, I will guide you through our 21-Day Reset curriculum (any nutritional supplements we discuss are not included in this price).

Perfect Pairings

Monthly, 90 minutes

$50 + cost of wine

Do you....

- Miss hanging out with your friends and having a great meal with a (couple) fabulous glasses of wine?

- Long to try new dishes at your favorite restaurants?

- Need something fun to do from the comfort/safety of your home?

- Love having great food + wine + living a healthy lifestyle


Join us for "Perfect Pairings - Serving up healthy food and wine with wisdom."

With co-hosts Personal Chef, Debbie Brosnan of The Effortless Kitchen; Wine Consultant, Lisa Greig; and Nutrition Evangelist, Dawn McGee

Spice up your Friday night with a virtual cooking/wine pairing social event. Every month we'll try a different recipe, paired with different wines. You'll get a recipe and an ingredient list so we can prepare the food together; and the wines (purchased separately) will get shipped to you before the event. During the event, we'll prepare the food together and then we'll taste it with the wines specially picked to pair with this recipe; and throughout the event, we'll be talking about this is all part of my exclusive system - Eat, Move & RechargeTM - how you can have delicious food, great wine, AND a healthy lifestyle.

Event Tickets are $50. Wine is purchased separately and will be in the $50-$70 range for two full-size (750ml) bottles. You will be sent the purchase link for the wines, and our Wine Consultant is available to answer all questions.

Bring a friend and you'll both get a free month in Dawn's VIP Community.

8 weeks of Nutrition Coaching

includes 8 sessions


Ready to start making a positive change in your health and nutritional choices? Draw your line in the sand today! We’ll get you started on the road to success!

  • Assessment*
  • Program set-up
  • Access to my exclusive formula - Eat, Move & RechargeTM
  • 8 x 30-minute Skype/Zoom/telephone coaching sessions
  • Unlimited emails and texts

On-going monthly coaching

4 sessions


  • 4 x 30-minute Skype/Zoom/telephone coaching sessions
  • Unlimited emails and texts

Reclaim Your Life, One Bite at a Time®

approximately 2 months


Are you done with trying every fad diet? 
Tired of eating your feelings? 
Sick of feeling guilty for eating your favorite foods? Do you work hard, lose weight, only to gain it all back again?  
Want to feel at home in your body and your clothes again? 
Rather than giving up, imagine letting go of fad diets, emotional eating, and food guilt.  (Yes, please!) 

Instead of throwing up your hands, step into a place where you are empowered, in control of your eating habits, and connected with other women just like you.  Knowing how to eat for better health is totally possible.  

Learn how you can look good, feel good, create more energy and reclaim your life. Join me in a place in which we don’t stress over dessert and we don’t feel guilty about what we eat because we have all the tools we need to get the results we want.  

It's easier than you think.

This is the Reclaim Your Life, One Bite at a Time® Program. 

We have a closed Facebook group for just our community, you'll get a detailed workbook where you can follow along and keep track of our gems, and I'll be leading you through my exclusive system - Eat, Move & RechargeTM with live videos every 3 days.

You'll get simple, easy, quick, food and fitness strategies that you can make work with your busy life. We focus on three key areas in my exclusive system - Eat, Move & RechargeTM. The program is $497 and you'll get lifetime access to the group and any updates to the program too. You can add on a personalized 1:1 call with me for $227 as well.

Isn't it time to Reclaim Your Life?

Yearly Membership

12 months online membership

$37/month or $299/year

Have you reached your goals?  Ready to transition to maintenance?  This program is for you!

Do you know what to do, but need me to be your accountability partner?  This program is for you!

  • Full VIP access to the vault of my classes and workshops
  • Monthly live Q&A session with me
  • Monthly guest experts (fitness, mindfulness, mindset, organization, planning)
  • Early access to future classes
  • Access to my exclusive system - Eat, Move & RechargeTM
  • Secret Facebook Community (post questions anytime!)


Customized group and Corporate Wellness and Fitness program

  • Would you like to bring Wellness to your Workplace?  I specialize in working with people who are busy with a “capital B”.  When a team works together, everyone benefits.  I can coach via Zoom, Skype or in-person.
  • Let's chat to set up a program for you.