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Kuel Life - Dawn McGee

Kuel Life is an online platform designed to normalize aging for women in mid-life and beyond. Kuel Life empowers and inspires through community; providing experts in fields that are important to 'US'

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Expert Contributor | Peaceful Living Wellness

Published Monthly

Peaceful Living Wellness is a digital lifestyle magazine that focuses on health, wellbeing, mindset and self-care for modern day living. We are passionate about inspiring people to lead peaceful, healthy and happy lives. Click on the title above for practical health tips from me & my fellow expert PLW contributors.

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Ep. 93 | Remembering To Care For Ourselves - The First Click Podcast

January 26, 2021

Self-care has become a buzz phrase in recent years… But what does it really mean to care for yourself when life gets tough? In this episode of the The First Click podcast, host Sami Bedell-Mulhern and I chat about the importance of finding a self-care routine that works for your life.

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Reducing Stress In Health & Wellness: 6 Tips To Calmness, With Joyce Rojas

June 26, 2020

Did you know that stress can profoundly impact your health and wellness? Listen in on my conversation with Money Mindset Mentor Joyce Rojas as we discuss 6 tips for achieving calmness and maintaining good health, even during the midst of stressful situations.

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Debunking the Nutrition Lies We’ve All Been Fed | Polka Dot Powerhouse Celebration

November 5, 2019

Debunking the Nutrition Lies We’ve All Been Fed | Polka Dot Powerhouse Celebration

November 5, 2019


Polka Dot Powerhouse is a connection company dedicated to bringing together women from all walks of life to create a strong, action-forward professional and personal network. I had the honor of being one of their featured speakers for their 2019 Celebration event. Click below to view my collection of speaker videos from this event.

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The Mindset Around Weight Loss - The Law of Attraction In Action Podcast

January 23, 2020

Most people understand the link between nutrition, fitness, and weight loss… But what does mindset have to do with it? In this enlightening conversation with host Michele Joy, I explain how getting your mindset right can be the first step to losing weight and achieving better health for the long-term.

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Ep. 72 | How To Create Sustainable Balance With Your Health - The Determined Mom Show

October 21, 2020

Being a mom comes with a LOT of unexpected challenges… Especially when it comes to navigating health and wellness. Tune into this conversation with podcast host Amanda Trento & get some of my best strategies for creating sustainable balance in your health, even if you’re constantly overwhelmed or on-the-go.

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Saying Yes To Your Health - The New Fab You Show

February 6, 2019

On the New Fab You Show, host Dorris Burch helps women say yes to themselves and their deepest desires. In our conversation, Dorris and I explore the importance of saying yes to prioritizing your health as a form of self-care, so you can become the most fabulous version of yourself.