About Dawn

Hi, I’m Dawn McGee, your nutrition coach.

As a busy mom, wife, and entrepreneur, I used to struggle with my weight and get frustrated about how my clothes fit. Especially after my son was born! I was on the verge of giving up and buying bigger clothes when I got introduced to PFC (Protein, Fat and Carbs) every 3. It gave me back control over my eating habits. I’m never starving and I lost the weight I wanted to without feeling like I was on a diet.

Now, I am passionate about helping people learn how to improve their eating habits for today and for a lifetime. As a certified and licensed Venice Nutrition coach and a long-time foodie, I focus on both the health and joy of food as fuel for your body. I want to be a driving force in bringing education on healthy eating to more people.
I want you to love your life!


My Personal Journey

My story toward health starts over 25 years ago when my friends took me skiing for the first time. I took a fall where my bindings didn't pop, but my knee did. Tore the cartilage and my ACL. I had surgery on my knee, and found that keeping my muscles strong had a positive effect on how well my knee functioned. That was the beginning of the yo-yo dieting.

Over a decade ago, my husband and I had a delightful baby boy. I gained a bunch of weight during my pregnancy, and really struggled to lose it after our son was born. I just didn't have the right tools to get my weight back on track without the intense workouts I used to do. I figured it would be easy to just lose the weight later...

Well, it wasn't. I struggled for about 6 years and couldn't get the "baby weight" off.

Finally, I found a great program that helped me get back to the pre-pregnancy weight and shape I wanted to be in.

Unfortunately, along the way I had done some damage to one of my hips and it needed to be replaced. With this and other stress in my life, I began using food to comfort myself, and I ended up much further from my goals.

I continued to struggle until I truly listened to Mark Macdonald and applied the concept of blood sugar stabilization. As a former personal trainer, the science and physiology behind the program made perfect sense. And it's really the only "program" that is livable for a lifetime. It worked and it changed my life forever!

I became a certified and licensed Venice Nutrition Coach and never looked back. Now I have a mission of helping hundreds of others like me gain the freedom that real health brings.

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